Huguenot Laboratories and South-Tek Systems Join Forces

Posted on 7th Jun 2011 @ 1:37 PM

Huguenot Laboratories is a specialty corrosion management company dedicated to preserving both new and existing water based fire sprinkler systems. Our dedication to research and development has positioned Huguenot Laboratories as the industry leader in the development of unique patent pending green technologies to clean and chemically treat water based fire sprinkler systems from generalized and Microbiological Induced Corrosion (MIC).  Our unique treatment programs eliminate the unnecessary replacement of pipes due to corrosion. Our corrosion monitoring programs have documented almost total elimination of corrosion within these systems. Huguenot Laboratories offers a suite of patented chemical feed systems, corrosion management services, and unique treatment programs to protect your capitol investment. Our comprehensive internal corrosion management services are designed to assist you with the prevention, detecting, assessing, monitoring and correction of corrosion conditions in fire protection systems.

With this in mind Huguenot Laboratories is pleased to announce its new alliance with South-Tek Systems the world leader and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generation equipment for dry and pre-action fire protection systems. This collaborative effort has allowed both companies to leverage their respective strengths and to work seamlessly in engineering a total corrosion mitigation program designed specifically for the needs of Critical Data Storage applications where dry and pre-action systems are utilized. The results of the engineering efforts of both companies is the most comprehensive suite of corrosion management products available on the market today