Demo Test Kits

The Treatment Demonstration Test Kit shows our customers how well our chemical products will protect a fire sprinkler system from the devastating effects of all types of corrosion including Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC). 

The Treatment  Demonstration Test Kit consists of two sample jars. One is for the city water that fills your sprinkler system and should be labeled “Un-Treated Fire Sprinkler Supply Water”. The second jar should be labeled as “Treated Fire Sprinkler Supply Water”. The different sample jars show a dramatic picture of a Fire Sprinkler System “Treated versus Un-Treated”.Our specialty formulated treatment programs are highly effective at controlling corrosion within a Fire Sprinkler System. 

Fill both Demo bottles with city water. Leave about ½ inch of air space in the jar to simulate trapped air in a sprinkler system. If your Fire Sprinkler System is city water fed, then sink cold-water faucet within the facility will do. Other waters can be used for testing purposes. For example, some systems use pond water. If so then use whatever water your fire sprinkler system uses.

After filling both bottles with water you will need to add the contents from the small treatment bottle to one of the Demo bottles, Mark which bottle has the treatment. Mix both bottles and allow standing for observation on a visible table or shelf.

You will see, for yourself, the process of pipe destruction that occurs within your fire sprinkler system.

Seeing is believing.  

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