Corrosion Monitoring Systems

Fire sprinkler monitoring

2 Drum Spill Containment System

Spill containment system

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Spill Containment Single Drum Spec

Spill Containment Two Drum Spec


Quick-Check Nitrogen Purity Sensor

n2 analyzer

The portable Quick-Check sensor is a hand held battery operated Nitrogen Purity Sensor that quickly connects as needed to the Auto-Purge System. The Portable Quick-Check is designed for Building Management Personnel or Sprinkler Contractors doing the preventative maintenance to abtain a quick, periodic, visual display of the Nitrogen level within the FPS.

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Wet Fire Sprinkler Air Release System

Wet fire air release system

Huguenot Laboratories Air Release System is placed at the high point elevation of the wet fire sprinkler system to ensure that trapped air is effectively removed from the internal areas of the fire sprinkler system. This air release system is manufactured with a di-electric coupler, Y strainer, and all brass components to ensure reliable operation. The air release device is formatted with a 3/4 connection port so a vent can be plumbed to a remote location if required.

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BFD Low Level Drum Alarm Wand

BFD Drum Wand

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Model 10 Permanent MIC Injection System Complete

Model 10 MIC Injection System

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Corrosion Coupon Monitoring Station Complete

Corrosion Coupon Station

Corrosion Coupon Monitoring Station with Dielectric Coupler Chemical Coupon Holder

*Installed on a fire sprinkler riser or remote drain point to monitor corrosion in the system.

* Available for Wet and Dry fire Sprinkler System configurations.

* Low cost simple design makes monitoring easy and affordable

*Easily accessed for coupon retrevial without interruption to system service.

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Model 20 Permanent MIC Injection System Complete

Model 20 Permanent MIC injection system

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BFD-30 Chemical Feed System for automatic MIC injection of products

New BFD-30

The BFD-30 Series pump was completely redesigned for easy installation. The BFD-30 pump operates by using water pressure as the power source and is designed to automatically flow treated water at a flow rate of 30 GPM. The water activates the BFD 30 pump, which injects the required percentage of chemical concentration. Inside the BFD pump, the chemical solution is mixed with the water. The water pressure forces the mixed solution downstream. The dose of chemical solution will be directly proportional to the volume of the water entering the BFD 30 pump, regardless of variations in flow or pressure, which may occur in the main line. This new innovative design incorporates a roto-molded plastic safety cover so the equipment can be safely secured. Call today to order your BFD-30! With the BDF 30 Series Pump and Chemicals you can offer your clients a total solution to their MIC problems. You can be confident that our years of experience and expertise will be there to ensure your success.     

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Model D40 Portable MIC Injection System Complete

Model 40 Permanent MIC injection system complete

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