Fire Sprinkler Testing Kits

FSS ProGuard Green Inhibitor Test Kit

fire sprinkler mic testing

The FSS-ProGuard Green Titration Test Kit gives you the opportunity to physically verify proper treatment residuals are being applied to a fire sprinkler system. The FSS-ProGuard Green Titration Test kit comes complete with a holder case and adequate testing media to complete 200 Titration tests.

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Hand Held Electronic
Conductivity Tester

mic testing fire sprinklerVerification of chemical treatment of a fire sprinkler system is easily verified thru the measurment supply water conductivity. The Biostatic and Corrosion control treatment programs produce an electronic offset to the existing supply water. Conductivity measurment is utilized as a base reference that treatment is detected at proper treatment residuals. Additional verification is then completed using the FSS-ProGuard Green Inhibitor test kit. 

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Treatment Demonstration Kit

Treatment Demonstration Kit

The FSS-ProGuard Green Demonstration Treatment Test Kit gives you the opportunity to physically see how effective treatment is in sucessefully stoping the damanging effects of corrosion and MIC (Microbiological Induced Corrossion). The microbiological induced corrosion test kits contains two test jars with identical metal components that simulate the metalurgy of a fire sprinkler system. Fill both jars within a inch of the lid with water and apply the supplied treatment to one of the two jars. Cap both jars securley and place on shelf for future viewing. "Seeing is Believing!"

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