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“One product cannot do all”

Our research and development department continues to validate and prove this time tested philosophy. The portfolio of treatment and cleaning technologies continues to grow. Huguenot Laboratories has developed three new series of cleaners used specifically for cleaning fire sprinkler systems.  The cleaners range from industrial based cleaner/sterilizers to heavy duty sludge and rust removers. The cleaners are highly effective at providing a sterile clean environment. Once a fire sprinkler system is properly cleaned, a secondary treatment of a specialty corrosion inhibitor and a food grade sterilant is applied.

The FSS-ProGuard Green™ is a unique proprietary formulation of highly concentrated corrosion inhibitors that provide maximum protection of hard to reach areas. This highly inhibited technology allows for long term superior corrosion protection of hard to reach areas that are typically found in wet and dry fire sprinkler systems. This product when placed in a hydrostatic environment provides unsurpassed corrosion protection in the water, air interface areas. This corrosion inhibitor protects both new and existing fire protection systems from internal corrosion, including microbiological induced corrosion (MIC). Huguenot Laboratories Inc.  FSS- ProGuard Green™ GRAS approved, environmentally friendly, proven liquid formulation can be safely injected into wet, dry, and preaction fire sprinkler systems. This unique corrosion inhibitor completely dissolves in water. As FSS-ProGuard Green™ is added to the water that is introduced into the fire sprinkler piping, the inhibitor chemically reacts with the iron in the pipe to form a protective biostatic barrier that shields the pipe’s water/metal interface from corrosion. This protective barrier film provides long term protection against future corrosion.

The FSS-BioGuard™ product line are a surface active formulation balanced for maximum long term mitigation against bacterial growth and MIC (Microbiological Induced Corrosion) by creating a bio-static barrier on internal surfaces of pipes in fire sprinkler systems. The FSS-BioGuard™ product line provides long term, excellent protection to control bacterial growth. MIC can create an environment where corrosion rates are elevated due to the presence of bacterial created acids and deposits. This corrosive condition can limit water flow, plug sprinkler heads, and create pinhole leaks. The FSS-BioGuard™ product line is designed to quickly provide a sterilized environment that is attainable for an extended period of time. FSS-BioGuard™ products are specifically formulated for an extended shelf life. The FSS-BioGuard™ product line is typically used in parallel with the FSS-ProGuard Green™ treatment program. This secondary product is used in systems that have heavy fouling that is typically witnessed in MIC infested fire sprinkler systems.

D2 fire sprinkler treatment system