Corrosion Management Training


Allow us to educate the end user as to the available corrosion management tools (Huguenot products and services) that are available and  to identify system deficiencies due to corrosion.  Once problematic conditions are identified thru laboratory analysis, corrosion mitigation options are selected based on system configuration and severity of conditions.

Our Corrosion Mitigation Remedies are then backed by the corrosion monitoring programs ability to provide “real time” corrosion monitoring reports.  This is much preferred  versys other companies who have a device that only indicates a systems failure due to corrosion (aka pinhole leak in ECS monitoring device).  

  • Both onsite training and teleconference training sessions are available
  • A customized curriculum is provided based upon your specific needs
  • Your staff is provided with the ongoing educational tools to identify corrosion deficiencies and to work with Huguenot Labs to establish and mitigate corrosion using  long term proven and reliable realtime solutions

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