We provide the best available technology for safely counteracting viruses, mold, bacteria, yeasts, and bacterial spores, in very large spaces, in the shortest period of time.

Introducing BioGuard vHP Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrate

Stabilized, High-Purity, >30% Aqueous Vapor Phase Specific Peroxide Solution with Visual Indicators

Huguenot Laboratories BioClean vHP Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrate (BioClean vHP) is a specially formulated, stabilized, high-purity, 35% aqueous hydrogen peroxide concentrate with visual indicators. BioClean vHP ensures bio-decontamination of environmental surfaces with no toxic residue and degrades to simple water and oxygen. Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor demonstrates broad-spectrum efficacy against viruses, mold, bacteria, yeasts, and bacterial spores (according to EPA publications). Hydrogen Peroxide is compatible with a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and optics (according to EPA publications). During our proprietary thermal vapor phase generation, the hydrogen peroxides boiling point is 50°C higher than water, allowing evaporation of water with an atomized fine mist of hydrogen peroxide to remain. BioGuard vHP Hydrogen Peroxide Solution is the best known available technology to safely counteract the COVID-19, flu, and common cold viruses.​​​​​​​

Process Equipment

BioGuard vHP Hydrogen Peroxide Solution is applied using specialized Low-Emission Thermal Foggers.  3-layer, 2-stage cooling system keeps the fogging tube and combustion chamber temperature low for interior use, which improves operator safety and effectiveness of chemicals that could degrade at high temperatures. 

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Disinfection System for Killing Microbial, Bacterial, and Fungal Contamination

Facility, safety, and infection control managers trust Huguenot Laboratories to rapidly and effectively provide up to a six log kill (99.9999%) of microbial, bacterial, and fungal contamination.

Huguenot Fumigation Management Plan

Prevents and/or minimizes facility closures by having a treatment plan in place.

  • Fast, safe, and highly effective
  • Designed to treat up to hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of space, within hours
  • Treatment breaks down to simple oxygen and water when complete
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The Huguenot Laboratories trained applicator is responsible for working with the owners and/or responsible employees of the site to be fumigated to develop a site-specific Huguenot Fumigation Management Plan (HFMP) for each site that will be treated with vHP. The applicator is responsible for all tasks of the fumigation process unless otherwise noted in the HFMP and must be on site for the entire fumigation treatment process. The HFMP must address the characterization of the site.  Learn More

Advanced technology using high purity hydrogen peroxide mist and vapor for use in large facilities including:

  • schools
  • airports
  • office buildings
  • pharmaceutical suites
  • cleanrooms
  • healthcare facilities
  • critical production and laboratory areas 

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