MIC Treatment Systems

The Model 10, 20, 70, and the newly redesigned BFD-30 Huguenot Laboratories chemical delivery systems are designed specifically for automatic fire sprinkler system treatments. This state-of-the-art treatment system enables treatment for several different fire sprinkler systems within a building. Once the feed system is installed, feed rates are preset, and the feed equipment will automatically shut off once the fire sprinkler is recharged.

Unlike the competitions injection systems, our patented technology automatically controls the delivery of the chemical treatment program at precise concentration limits. Precise control of a treatment program is a critical first step in assuring a successful corrosion mitigation program.

The treatment systems have an H, O, A (Hand, Off, Automatic) control selector switch, Run and Alarm indicators, and an integrated drum level control system with audible alarm and dry contact output. Additional safety features include an automatic pressure relief system and convenient priming valves. This unique technology is available in both portable and permanent configurations. OUR NEW BFD-30 series chemical feed system is designed for fire sprinkler contractors who wish to add MIC treatment capabilities to their service portfolio.

This new BFD chemical treatment system design and MIC treatment program has given Fire Sprinkler Professionals the necessary tools to address MIC corrosion issues directly with their existing clients. Please call us for more information at (800) 228-3793.


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