Huguenot Air Treatment Systems HLN Series

Nitrogen Systems

The Huguenot Air Treatment Systems HLN series is a completely self-contained nitrogen-based sprinkler corrosion inhibiting system. The nitrogen generator fire protection unit is factory assembled and tested, and is ready for connection to the sprinkler system riser. The assembly consists of a compressor, refrigerated air dryer, nitrogen generator, and nitrogen receiver. The assembly provides dry air for the system’s initial fill and nitrogen for filling the interior of a dry or preaction sprinkler system with nitrogen at 98% or greater purity.


  • Fully factory assembled, adjusted, and tested
  • No field assembly required
  • Just attach AC power and run piping to the sprinkler riser
  • Built-in UL Listed oilless air compressor
  • UL Listed refrigerated dryer delivers -40°F dew point air
  • Membrane-based nitrogen generation
  • Built-in particulate and coalescing filters
  • Single or multiple risers capable


  • Saves installation, assembly, and testing time
  • Smallest footprint complete nitrogen system available today
  • Quicker commissioning – just place, connect, and it’s ready
  • Nitrogen generation and sprinkler initial fill (per NFPA 13) from just one unit
  • Nominal 20-gallon nitrogen receiver
  • Digital compressor runtime monitor  Visual indicators of system status: o GREEN = Normal (the system is supplying nitrogen) o RED = Bypass (the system is supplying air for initial fill)
  • Leveling feet
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Best available air drying and filtration for long life and low maintenance
  • Reliable, long-lasting nitrogen generation
  • Easy inspection and maintenance
  • Reliable, dependable protection that functions as designed
  • Expert technical support

N I T R O G E N – B A S E D   S P R I N K L E R   C O R R O S I O N  I N H I B I T I N G

Product Data Sheets (PDF)


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